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                           Traditional Professional Midwifery Care

Midwifery Care is a healthy and viable option for maternal health care...

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Welcome and Congratulations on your pregnancy!


 Choosing a natural birth in your home or birth center and/or a birth suite, is a healthy and safe option, for you and your baby.  At, WADADA( WaH-DA-DA=love) Midwife Care. I strive to give you  the best individualized care. Every time a baby is born, a mother/person, and family is born. Everyone deserves a healthy pregnancy and birth. 

 Did you know New Mexico is one of a few states with a Medicaid Birthing Options Program ? Yes, medicaid gives you several options . In New Mexico women have many choices about where to give birth: A Birth Center/ Birth Suite: Your Home:  A Hospital.  

Also,who can attend your birth, and give services, as a licensed provider  : A Licensed Midwife, Certified nurse -Midwife, Ob's, and Family Doctors, are some of your options for pregnancy-related services in New Mexico.( also some private insurance is accepted and sliding scales).

 New Mexico has a rich history of Midwifery care. We have been a licensed state since 1978.  At WADADA Maternity Care, I mix the ancient knowledge of birth and the new professional  model of midwifery care. I also love to pass on this knowledge of normal  birth to the "promised midwife"(aka student) and occasionally will share this care with you. There are a number of services provided , including mobile care: In home care for postpartum and breastfeeding time.  Please call or email for a free consult. 


-WADADA Midwifery & Birth Care

For a free consult  

Nandi Hill LM,CPM,BC

Andrea M. Hill LLC


Midwifery Services

  • ​Prenatal Care/Well woman

  • Nutritional Counseling

  • Home & Birth Suite Birth

  • Breastfeeding Support

  • Water Birth 

  • Placenta Encapsulation &  Preparation

  • Mobile Services

  • Postnatal care

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